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To help global overcome the novel coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic situation, we offer you below product and useful information for your reference.

Disposable surgical mask and disposable medical face mask

CE, ISO, FDA certificated Size: 17.5CMX9.5CM

Material: 3ply  PP non-woven(Sanitary polypropylene imitation adhesive cloth)+ High efficiency filter meltblown cloth+ PP non-woven (Sanitary polypropylene imitation adhesive cloth)

Color: Blue, White

Synthetic blood penetration: Succeed block the 2ml synthetic blood, at pressure 16.0KPa(120mmHG), spray inside mask.

BFE%: ≥99%   PFE: 98%

Fire-resistant Properties: Burn less than 5s after leave flame

Biological Properties: sterility

Ethylene oxide residue: no more that 10ug/g, actually ours is no more than 5ug/g.

Packing: 50pcs/box


1. 3 layers of protection: non-woven outer layer + filter paper layer + skin friendly non-woven inner layer. Breathable and comfortable, low breathing resistance.

2. The plastic strip of bridge of nose hides the side of bridge of nose. More suitable for all face types.

3. High elastic flat ear straps: will not strain the ears.
4. Inner layer: skin friendly non-woven fabric; soft and comfortable to reduce the possibility of skin allergies.

5. Physical ultrasonic welding, densification of welding points, strong and durable, fine workmanship.

Notice of using Disposable medical face mask, how to use medical mask rightly:

1: Wash hands before use Disposable medical face mask. Don’t touch inner side of mask.

2: Right use of outside, inner side, upside and downside of mask.

3: Don’t press the medical face mask. The virus is prevented on the surface of mask. It may permeate inside the mask.

4: Make medical face mask get in touch with face closely. You can make a deep breath and there is no leak gas through side of mask.

5: Avoid leaking, you should shave the beard cleanly.




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